Which is the best crystal for you?

Dear friends, do you love crystals?

Yeah…me too! Do you know we have a deep love for crystals, because as humans, we’re crystalline in structure and in nature. We’re made of crystal light & matter. As the Earth & humanity are ascending to a higher frequency, we’re evolving into a body that encodes with more crystal light than matter. Simply put, we’re becoming more and more just like crystals.

I often get asked, ‘Which is the best crystal for me? Shall I work with one specific crystal, or are there different crystals that might resonate with me and I shall work with a couple?’

Very good question. And I’d love to share my personal tips on that with you.

One way to determine the best crystal for you...

...is by asking yourself what energetic properties you’d like to receive from the crystals. Then, you can look up crystals’ healing properties from good sources, e.g. books or publications. There are also Crystal Channellers out there that you can consult and get expert advice on how to choose and work more effectively with crystals.

For example, if you’re hoping to receive more spiritual protection, because perhaps you feel negative impacts from your work environment, for instance, then Malachite, Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian might be top of your choice.

Another method, is by looking at the colours of the crystals...

A general guideline is that, the crystal colours correspond to the chakra colours of our body. Say for example, if you’re feeling emotions building up and there’s tightness around your navel chakra, then orange-coloured crystals, such as carnelian, jaspers, or even deep amber would actually provide you with the energetic support & uplift that you need.

However, above all that, ...

I feel the Universe works in such a mysterious way, and it often takes lots of surrender from us to access its real power. So I find the best way to tap into the vast potential of the Crystal Kingdom, is actually through working energetically with the crystals themselves in a Crystal Frequency Healing, and allowing the best crystals for you to come forth & guide you.

I see the best crystals that come through for you are either your Personal Crystals or Soul Crystals.

Your Personal Crystals

Your Personal Crystals are the crystals that come through to support you right now at this time. Their energies work on you more ‘in the moment’ - from when you’re receiving a Crystal Healing, to a period of time as you integrate the healing and learn through your journey. This will generally last for 2-6 months, sometimes ever longer.

You’ll call upon specific crystals at different times of your life. For example, if Rose Quartz came through in your Personal Crystal Healing & Reading, perhaps right now you’re working towards owning more ‘self-love’, healing pain in your heart that stops you from honouring or appreciating the self. So Rose Quartz crystal is supporting you through this healing right now, for an ongoing couple of weeks or months. After that, in the next cycle of months, you might pull through different crystals, for example, Amethyst, to assist you in another specific area.

If you want to find out more about your Personal Crystals, a Personal Crystal Healing & Reading might be just the one that gives you that ‘a-ha’ heart-felt moment. This session is also super relaxing, healing & uplifting.

Your Soul Crystals

On a more in-depth level, Soul Crystals are a reflection of your Soul’s resonance. They show a bigger picture of WHO YOU ARE - your divinity, your Soul, and your Higher Self.

As opposed to Personal Crystals that work with you specifically for a period of time, your Soul Crystals are connected to you on a much deeper level, reflecting your Soul & you Soul’s journey.

For example, for myself, Clear Quartz is one of my ultimate Soul Crystals. At the moment I’ve been working a lot with Amethyst crystal and this crystal assists me to integrate higher Angelic codes & Light. However, I always have my Soul Crystal Clear Quartz at my altar or wear Clear Quartz Jewellery whenever I desire, as this crystal connects me deeply to my Soul and my Higher Self’s resonance.

From my experience, there’s always a beautiful journey that your Soul Crystals will take you on. Once you know your Soul Crystal and know how to work with it effectively, it’s a bit like connecting with a long lost friend & guide. Over time, they open you up to the Crystal Kingdom, so when you’re working with other crystals, the other lovely ones will also heal & uplift you more effectively.

Your Soul Crystals are powerful doorways too. As you consistently work with them over time, you access more your Soul’s gifts & talents, and this then helps you bring through more your higher potential. The feeling of connecting to your Soul Crystal or wearing a piece of your Soul Crystal Jewellery is that, you just feel so incredibly uplifted, expanded and light - feeling like you’re so much yourself at your best.

If you love to connect with your Soul Crystals, and love to wear that crystal on you, we have a brand new Crystal Soul Jewellery programme that might just give you that ‘glow’ and ‘heart-felt connection’ you’re looking for. This 1:1 personal session will open you up to your Soul Crystal(s), and based on that create a unique piece of Crystal Soul Jewellery that you’ll love, wear & cherish for years to come.

Check out Crystal Soul Jewellery - Bespoke Crystal Jewellery just for YOU.

I hope the above tips and information help!

If you haven’t made up your mind yet about which crystals to choose, but would still like to explore the wonder of the Crystal Kingdom, receiving a session of Advanced Crystal Frequency Healing will help open you up to the healing frequencies of Earth & Stellar Crystals. This session will super-charge your body, mind & soul with Earth Crystal & Stellar Light frequencies, and the crystals that come through in the healing will also be the ones that you can continue to attune to & work with in the upcoming months.

With so much love, Lily x

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