Happy beginning of 2018, lovely friends!

How is your start of the year? I guess for many of us, this new beginning feels rather exciting and hopeful! And for some of us, perhaps the excitement also comes along with feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. Believe it or not, if you are feeling like that, this is very good news!

The Universe works its magic this way. When you really send out a message to the Universe that you want to embrace anew, changes will roll out - situations will happen on your path to really help you make the shift for your highest good. This is so that you can let go of the old identity, the old belief, and make room for the NEW YOU to birth. It all happens on the energetic level more than anything else.

My personal experience has shown me clearly. As I was preparing myself energetically for 2017, changes took place on a roller-coaster scale. I was in circumstances that really ‘pushed my buttons’, and I had to feel the most uncomfortable emotions - sadness, loss, anger. Oh it was so intense in the moment. Thankfully, in my heart, I knew that this was all happening to help me truly let go of the old energies that no longer serve me as I step into the new. I knew that this releasing process was so necessary, although it felt so uncomfortable in the moment. It is a re-birthing that we are going through. I know clearly that our new selves will be re-born so much lighter and so much more crystalline!

Perhaps you are like me, at a time of feeling changes happening. I find it ever so helpful, at this time, to take a moment, and really ground and connect in with Mother Earth. For example, take a walk in nature, really allowing yourself to tune into the Heart of Mother Gaia. Just like us, Mother Gaia has gone through an energetic re-birth herself. The new Earth grid now feels so much more crystalline.

Over the new year, I had the joy of travelling to and connecting in with some of Australia’s sacred grid locations, such as the Glass House Mountains in Queensland, Australia. The sacredness of the Glass House mountain range is beyond words. Tuning into her energy lines was like being transported instantly and inter-dimensionally to a higher crystalline world. All the crystals arising energetically from this location were so uplifting and revitalising.

The energy and sacredness of the Crystal Grid are depicted vividly in native aboriginal people’s song line stories. Now when I read about the aboriginal song line stories, I start to comprehend their meanings more on the energetic level.

It was such an amazing experience for me connecting into the sacred grid, song line & new crystalline frequency of the Earth. I feel very inspired, and in the new year will start working with some of the lovely Australian native crystals, such as Clear Quartz, Mookaite, Chrysoprase, to name a few.

I feel working with these native crystals will really support us to anchor the New Self at this new beginning, and support us to anchor our new reality as the year rolls out.

Here is a little preview of these amazing Australian crystals and their healing properties:

MOOKAITE: is such an incredible crystal for base and navel chakra healing. These chakras govern sexual organs, and for women ‘the womb’ is the centre of creation. This crystal therefore helps clear blockages, whether physical or emotional, around ‘creativity', i.e. the power of creation. It is also an amazing crystal to break down limiting habits and behaviours that are imposed through the genetic line.

CLEAR QUARTZ: an amazing all-round crystal, clear quartz purifies & balances all chakras; it is a powerful crystal for your Lightbody assisting integration of higher Light frequency. At this point of transition, Clear Quartz is just a wonderful crystal for you to have around, helping you to keep your energy clear and to integrate the new Light frequencies, geometries & coding into your body.

CHRYSOPRASE: works with eyes & heart, provides clarity on deep seated issues or pain that needs to be healed, thereby supporting the letting go of of old habits or limiting beliefs; it lightens internal anxiety at times of change, and creates a sense of peace & emotional balance from within.

Keep checking back at this space, my dear friends. My new creations with Australian native crystals will come out very soon. Meanwhile, why not take advantage of our last week of the New Year Sale, pick your favourite jewellery and set yourself a Crystalline New Start!

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