She is like the fair Goddess of the Ocean, holding & nurturing the vast water. These beautiful White Pearls with iridescent blue tint have inspired the necklace creation, and the form of this necklace soon came through in a vision. It took months searching for this deep blue Aquamarine for the pendant, followed by months of creating and refining to make it into what you see now, a mesmerising necklace. A dreamy piece that truly is one-of-a-kind.


This bold necklace features ocean deep blue Aquamarine pendant accompanied by Apatite and White Pearl, with lustrous White Pearl necklace chain. The pendant is set in an intricate sterling silver setting with light texture, completed with an exquisite ‘seashell’ pendant bail . The choker chain keeps the necklace in perfect round shape, so necklace will always sit nicely on you and hold the pendant in place. 


Healing Properties: This necklace radiates soft & nurturing energy, much like the love from the motherly Ocean Goddess. Blue Aquamarine is a superb crystal for soothing your heart & attuning you to the lightness & joy of your inner child within. Both Apatite and White Pearl help you absorb the water element that has an amazing purifying & calming effect on your body & emotions. 


Feel that soft ocean breeze…and invoke that Ocean Goddess in you! Will be a delightful compliment to your beach dresses too!


Hand-crafted with loads of Love & Light, this necklace has gone through a spiritual ritual to cleanse and activate it, bringing through its high frequencies and therapeutic properties. It has also absorbed plentiful moonlight & Pacific Ocean vibe. 



CRYSTALS: Blue Aquamarine, White Pearl & Apatite pendant, White Pearl (shimmer with slight iridescent blue tint)

PENDANT SIZE: 65x47mm(including bail).

CHAIN: flexible choker necklace. Chain length:18”. Chain width:10-14mm.


SIZING: this necklace is meant to be worn as a 'choker' style (i.e. fit around your neck). However, if you feel extra length is needed, this can be changed to suit you. Please drop me a line upon your order.