CRYSTALS: Pink Sapphire, White Topaz, Clear Quartz, Moonstone

PENDANT SIZE: 34x20mm.  CHAIN LENGTH: 18” extendable to 20”


This necklace is so Goddess and breathtakingly stunning! The frequencies of Planet Venus and the Star Sirius have inspired this creation. At the time of inspiration, I was attuning to the rising of Star Sirius in the morning sky which ancient Egyptian and Mayans regard as the point of the ‘Planetary New Year’. The ancient Egyptians also marked this time as their own New Year, as it corresponded to the flooding of the River Nile which symbolised fertility and rebirth. To me, this creation exactly resonates that Goddess frequency of fertility, love, rebirth and beauty.


The two vibrant pink Sapphires are surrounded by a cluster of starry White Topaz, Clear Quartz and Moonstone. Dazzling even in the natural day light, this necklace is simply out of this world, it’s energy so powerful yet so pure & light. Must be seen & felt to know. Feel sensual Star Venus and invoke your inner Goddess!


Pink Sapphire is a very precious crystal, along all the other high-grade crystals, making this a truly unique & collectible piece for you. Crystals are set in sterling silver setting with a faceted sterling silver chain, all made to perfection.


Hand-crafted with loads of Love & Light, this necklace has gone through a spiritual ritual to cleanse and activate, bringing through its high frequencies and therapeutic properties. It has also absorbed plentiful starry light.