CRYSTALS: Star Garnet, White Topaz



A radiant Star Garnet flanked by clusters of White Topaz crystals. This powerful ring has a real ‘Majesty’ about her. 


Created from the frequency of the Star Constellation of Orion, this piece instantly transports you to another planet - the fascinating Orion belt stars.  It is a star dimension that energetically supports our empowerment and our connection to the grid lines & their energy.  You will find this ring amazingly strengthening and grounding energetically, whilst helping the frequency of your heart to expand and allowing your truth to be heard and seen. It assists you to radiate qualities of courage, centredness, and pure truth. Its unique frequencies & connection will super charge your Lightbody with bubbling electromagnetic light. Dazzle on like a star!


A crystal out of this world, Star Garnet is very rare and precious. The particular star formation can only occur when the rutile mineral within form a very specific alignment. To me, it’s pure magic. 


In natural light, the Star Garnet is a deep red crystal, a darker red than other Garnet varieties. When under direct light, the crystal exhibits a magical 6-ray Star. Along with faceted White Topaz clusters, this Star Garnet ring simply dazzles your eyes like the stars. The stunning piece is set on textured sterling silver ring band slightly adjustable for your convenience.


Hand-crafted with loads of Love & Light, this ring has gone through a spiritual ritual to cleanse and activate, bringing through its high frequencies and therapeutic properties. It has also absorbed plentiful starry light.



IN THE PHOTO: my ring size U.S.5.5. Please keep in mind the proportion of the ring might be different on your finger if you have larger or smaller hands than me.