Rose Quartz, made for LOVE.


Like the opening of a rose flower, this Rose Quartz bangle is just so pleasing both to the eyes and to your energy. Beautiful yet without being too loud, this piece adds a simple elegance with a loving vibe. 


Made in the shape of triangles, these Rose Quartz attune you to the geometry of Tetrahedron, strengthening your heart to feel unconditional self-love. As you open your heart space deeper to receive Light, you feel as if you are blossoming like a rose flower. Rose Quartz also aids alignment of your upper chakras, clearing & uplifting your energy to feel the higher Angelic Light.


Healing Properties:


  • heals the heart and circulatory system; supports the kidneys.
  • enhances self-love and a stronger sense of self-worth.
  • helps to overcome painful feelings, and release negative emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy.
  • builds self-confidence, enhances creativity, gifts and talents.
  • manifests the emotions of forgiveness, compassion and love.
  • aids those who have emotional issues with their father.
  • helps to clear leukaemia from the body.



SIZING: the bangle sizes refer to the circumference of the bangle. The bangle is designed to be loosely fit, and is adjustable.

Method to measure your wrist size: wrap a string or paper around your wrist approximately 1 inch below the wrist bone. Add 2 inches to this figure, and you will know your bangle size. If your size is in between the 2 bangle sizes, choose the larger bangle.