SIZE: h13 x w5.7cm


She is your loving Guardian Angel who always stands by your side… Feel yourself cocooned in her unconditional presence, for protection, love & nourishment.


This particular Rose Quartz Angel has such a clear formation and beautiful energy. She opens & soothes your heart chakra with her light & gentle vibration. She gives you the key of connection, bridging you into your soft & deeper Heart space. Through the corridor of your Heart, a more expanded reality unfolds. Accept her loving invitation now, and let yourself be guided & loved.



Other Rose Quartz Healing Properties:


  • heals the heart and circulatory system; supports the kidneys.
  • enhances self-love and a stronger sense of self-worth.
  • helps to overcome painful feelings, and release negative emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy.
  • builds self-confidence, enhances creativity, gifts and talents.
  • manifests the emotions of forgiveness, compassion and love.
  • aids those who have emotional issues with their father.
  • helps to clear leukaemia from the body.