CRYSTALS: White Pearls (with creamy tint), Synthetic Blue Topaz


PENDANT SIZE: 43x20mm (including bail). CHAIN: width 6-10mm, length 18”.


There is a real sense of grace about this necklace. So vibrant yet so elegant, worthy of your inner Mermaid! I usually only work with natural crystals, however, this synthetic Blue Topaz just took my breath away - it has the most vibrant blue I’d imagine would be worn by the Undine (Water Deity, or some call her ‘mermaid’). The incredible clarity of the stone is so stunning - you feel like you’re looking into pure clear oceanic water. Filled with vibrance, love & joy, this necklace would make you want to swirl & dance like a graceful mermaid. 


HEALING PROPERTIES: the simple lightness of the heart, the joy of the spirit, the pure water element are all coming through with this elegant necklace. The ‘water’ element purifies your cells, cleanse & clear your energy. As soon as you put the necklace on, you feel as if you were ‘bubbled’ in pure oceanic Light. It also invokes that beauty & love of the Goddess within you, enhancing self-love & self-nurture. Let this beautiful mermaid piece uplift your heart to a space of peace, joy & love!


Hand-crafted with loads of Love & Light, this necklace has gone through a spiritual ritual to cleanse and activate, bringing through its high frequencies and therapeutic properties. It has also absorbed plentiful moonlight & Pacific Ocean vibe.