CRYSTALS: Amethyst Rutilated, 



Limited Edition Ring. Hand-crafted to your order


Like straight off the finger of the Forest Deity, this ring is stunningly ethereal and regal. As soon as you put it on,  you feel as if you were trekking deep into the mossy forest, and discover this jewel left behind by the Deity. It is so natural yet just divine! 


Feel the delicate Amethyst Rutilated crystals shimmering on you like forest dew drops, whilst fern leaf sterling silver wrap around your fingers as if you were touching that forest magic!


This divine inspiration came through two years ago upon my visit to the sacred Glass House Mountain. I had a profound experience being taken deep into the crystal grid on this sacred location. This ring creation is encoded with the powerful elements & the fern magic of this Earth grid point. Later on I read that the local Indigenous people call themselves the ‘Fern People’ - and this certainly is a lovely synchronicity. 


The two Amethyst Rutilated crystals on the ring have lots of elemental vibe working through them, taking you to the inner Earth & Crystal kingdoms. A pure essence of Angelic frequency can also be felt, whilst the Rutile mineral within the Amethyst makes a powerful conductor for you to absorb ether and Light. Combining magic, beauty & Light, this ring is sheer treasure!


From inspiration to creation, this ring took almost a year to come into form. Loads of love, energy & Light have gone in to craft and refine it into this exquisite & meticulous form. The delicate Amethyst Rutilated crystals with this level of clarity, colour and formation are also very rare and hard to come by. This truly is our one-of-a-kind Limited Edition creation.


Ring pictured here is in size U.S. 6-7, adjustable. Other size pieces will have Amethyst similar but slightly vary in sizes. And as each ring is handmade and the silver work is intricate, your ring might vary slightly from the picture - that really is the beauty of bespoke handmade jewellery. 


Hand-crafted with loads of Love & Light, this ring has gone through a spiritual ritual to cleanse and activate, bringing through its high frequencies and therapeutic properties. It has also absorbed plentiful moonlight & elemental vibe.

  • Please kindly note that as this ring will be custome made to your size, it is not eligible for return/refund/exchange. However, in the unlikely event that you're not happy with the purchase, please get in touch. Thank you for understanding.