This sacred geometry Hexagon bangle is shimmering with Light. Clear quartz is ‘the’ crystal for your Lightbody*, super charging you with both Stellar and Earth crystalline Light. Wearing this piece can help you feel more anchored and stable in your Lightbody*. It also aligns your electromagnetic field so you feel more grounded whilst radiating more of your inner Light.


*Lightbody: is a vehicle which connects our physical, human self, to our true spiritual nature. It is the body of Light which is formed of sacred geometry and higher frequencies and particles of Light.


SIZING: the bangle sizes refer to the circumference of the bangle. The bangle is designed to be loosely fit, and is adjustable. To measure your size: wrap a string or paper around your wrist approximately 1 inch below the wrist bone. Add 2 inches to this figure, and you will know your bangle size. Choose the closest bangle size to your measurement.


If you can’t find your size of bangle available here, please get in touch, and this will be custom made for you.