CITRINE ROUND: 13mm diameter    


RING SIZES: U.S. 7 in stock. 


LIke the dazzling galaxy star, this ring infuses the golden ray of Light into your being. A crystal with the geometry of ONENESS and abundance, she represents the expansive presence of the divine. She resonates powerfully with your golden crystalline Lightbody, a body of pure Light, geometries and sound, a body of your divinity. 


Citrine crystal is an incredible crystal instilling hope, joy & faith. 



Healing Properties:


  • resources your power centre and revitalises your energy.
  • enhance stamina and vitality.
  • supports the process of manifestation, enhancing your connection to prosperity and abundance.
  • heals the kidneys, colon, liver, gall bladder and digestive organs.
  • creates tissue regeneration, aids detoxification.
  • helps to clear headaches and migraines.
  • creates a cellular rejuvenation process.




IN THE PHOTO: my ring size U.S.5.5. Please keep in mind the proportion of the ring might be different on your finger if you have larger or smaller hands than me.