BLACK TOURMALINE: 25x14mm      HERKIMER: approx. 5x3mm


RING SIZES: U.S. 5.5, 6 and 7 are in stock, adjustable ring band.

Other sizes are available, made to order - please allow 4-6 weeks for creation.


* Due to the nature of natural Black Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamond, each ring has slightly different texture and formation. A photo of your purchased ring will be sent to you before shipping.



This ring is incredibly protective and grounding. She activates and balances the geometries in your Electromagnetic field. She protects your energy from negative vibes. And she also shields your Lightbody off Electromagnetic imbalance in the environment, such as radiation, environmental pollutants. Her diamond shape activates the Diamond codes and consciousness, attuning you to the higher frequency of the Earth’s grid. In this space, higher frequency of Light is filtered into your body. You feel grounded, centred, and your energy is full of Light.





An incredibly protective and grounding crystal, Black Tourmaline is your go-to crystal for spiritual and energetic protection. It protects your energy field from negative vibes. This is a particular amazing crystal for you if you’re sensitive to energy or an empath. 


The Black Tourmaline crystal for this ring is specifically cut to the perfect diamond shape. Truly one-of-a-kind design with sacred vibration. 



Healing Properties:


  • grounds your energy deeply into the Earth.
  • Filters pure ‘Earth’ element into your body & consciousness, revitalising your life force.
  • purifies the body of toxins and wastes, and aids the cleansing of heavy metals and environmental pollutants form the body.
  • protects from negative vibes or lower astral energy.
  • releases emotional overwhelm, such as worry and anxiety, and helps release obsessive behaviours.






A high-frequency crystal which is a burst of pure Light. Herkimer Diamond strengthens your Lightbody, which feels like your inner Light expands and has a stronger radiance. High quality Herkimer Diamonds are precious, which are sourced for this beautiful ring.



Healing Properties:


  • filters high-frequency Light into your body and consciousness, and creates a bubble of white Light around your energy field.
  • enhances energy level and stamina.
  • purifies energetic field in an environment.
  • supports eyes and eyesight.
  • excellent tool in accessing inter-dimensional doorways, through channelling, crystal grid work, etc.
  • assists in dream work, astral travel, time travel, and other explorations into expanded reality.




IN THE PHOTO: my ring size U.S.5.5. Please keep in mind the proportion of the ring might be different on your finger if you have larger or smaller hands than me. 


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