I would love to share with you the story and journey of the birthing of this site and my artistic creations. For these creations are more than just physical designs. What makes them unique is my deeper connection to the energetic properties of the crystals and the healing frequencies they impart. 


As a sensitive soul, I was compelled to find the answers to my reasons for being here on Earth, and to heal the pain and hypersensitivity of my childhood. This quest led me to the frequency healing modality of Transference Healing® (read more about this healing modality). Through this profound journey, I started to heal, and feel more balanced and centred in the world. But there was more, I also started to re-awaken my connection to the crystal realms and the magical healing properties they resonate out into the Earth and humanity.


Through my journey, the crystals started to open up their hidden gifts and healing powers to me. I was intrigued at how they could clear and heal my energy and uplift my frequency, not only in myself but in my home and reality. It was truly magical.


Over the years I have been blessed to live in & travel to many beautiful & energetically significant places on planet Earth. When I tuned into the energy lines at certain locations, I was shown how the crystalline Earth was formed, and all the elements around that creation process. I noticed how the crystalline structure is so varied at different locations. A bit like Australian aboriginal’s ‘song lines’ - Mother Earth has a different story of her crystal creations at every energetic point.


Over time as I tuned into crystals more, I started to have beautiful visionary experiences. 


Whilst in a deep state of meditation one day, I had a profound connection and healing with my emerald crystal. It took me back to an ancient land - one I now recognise as Lemuria, a golden age when we lived in a higher state of majesty and connection to the Universe. In this reality, everything including us is crystalline, pure & light, just like crystals.  A magical Garden of Eden. The crystals showed me how I could receive a healing by simply tuning into a particular tree, element or crystal. Healing through nature, they said, and that’s something we have largely forgotten in our modern age. However, we are once again awakening to our deeper connection with the Earth and her crystals & elements, learning to receive nurturing and healing from nature, and returning to this crystalline state of being.


On my spiritual journey, I start to open up to many realms of Light, including elemental & nature spirit, Ascended Masters, Angelic & Cosmic beings. Their presence and high frequency filter into my sacred space and altar. The connection to their love and vibration is so beautiful, and it is this reality I wish to share with you, dear friend. They guide me to bring through their love and healing, to help people once again connect to their own inner and divine nature, for healing and growth. 


As all these visions and experiences accumulated over time, they eventually became an incredible force bubbling within me. I felt compelled to bring through something tangible, to express and to articulate. I started putting crystals and visual materials together, and I was inspired & guided along the way. These expressions become paintings, crystal jewellery and sacred sculpture that you see today. 

It is this amazing energy that I channel into my artistic creations. So when you purchase a piece from me, you are not only receiving a beautiful creation, but a gift that will bring through unique frequencies, love and Light to brighten your life. They also support your own reconnection to the Light and to your soul, allowing deep healing. Reconnect once again to that crystalline & pure state of being.


Divinely inspired and sacred in essence, my crystal creations are created out of deep love to Mother Earth and the Light, and they are created with much remembrance of the crystalline land of Lemuria & Atlantis.


Hence, Crystalline Living, is a way of being, and a style of living, in higher consciousness. 


It will be my biggest joy when you receive it this way.

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