Hi lovely friends, 

Thank you for dropping by!

I'm Lily! I'm the creator of Crystalline Living - a place for Sacred Crystal Jewellery and Living Style. 

I'd love to share with you my story, and the creation of this sacred space. 

My journey with crystals started 11 years ago when i was on my spiritual awakening path... I opened up connections to the crystal realm and started to have beautiful experiences - some people call them ‘visions’, but to me they’re much more than just visual images, the experiences were so vivid that I could see, sense and feel each moment in every cell of my being. 


In my visions, we live in a crystalline new world...Everything is incredibly pure and light. We’re so connected to crystals and our Crystalline Earth, crystals are in every fabric of our life - on us, in our homes, our environment. Their light & frequencies constantly sustain us and our high-frequency homes. There is no separation, we’re becoming ‘crystalline’, and ONE with them.


Crystalline Living was created with those visions in heart. For you to return to a crystalline state of being, a way of living. A state of Oneness with the Universe, love, joy & lightness.


MY Creation Process

The crystals in Crystalline Living jewellery are cleansed & activated. This restores the crystals’ high frequency and powerful healing Light.


On top of that, these jewellery take on forms & energies that are sacred in nature. 


Their creation process is directly inspired by the many divine presences: crystal fairies, nature spirit, Goddesses, Angels, Masters... 

These divine presences have blessed the jewellery with their Light, energies and wisdom.


As a result, these jewellery are unique, beaming with vibrant Light. Sacred vibrations are infused with each piece. 


When you wear this jewellery, it activates the Light within you. You feel radiant, divine and full of Light. The jewellery is a precious gift to you from Spirit. 

When you see a beautiful piece and it makes your heart sing, that really is my biggest joy.


I take my role as a Crystal Channeller very seriously, and dedicate my heart & soul in every step along the way. From sourcing the best quality high-frequency crystals, to articulating the inspirations into detailed designs, cleansing & activating every piece, through to creating the physical jewellery forms. 


So what you see & receive from me are more than physical jewellery items, they are creations infused with crystal healing frequencies & therapeutic properties, along with loads of love & Light.


When you purchase a piece from me, you are not only receiving a beautiful creation, but a gift that will bring through unique frequencies, love and Light to brighten your life. They also support your own reconnection to the crystalline & pure state of being.


Divinely inspired and sacred in essence, my crystal creations are created out of deep love to Mother Earth and the Light, and they are created with much remembrance of the crystalline land of Lemuria & Atlantis.


Hence, Crystalline Living, is a way of being, and a style of living, in higher consciousness. 


It will be my biggest joy when you receive it this way.