It all starts from a vision of the new Crystalline Earth...

Hi lovely friends, 

Thank you for dropping by! I'm Lily! I'm the creator of Crystalline Living - a place for Sacred Crystal Jewellery and Living Style. 

I'd love to share with you my story, and the creation of this sacred space. 

My journey with crystals started at the time of my spiritual awakening, as I was re-connecting to the crystal realms and other higher realms of existence. Many beautiful experiences unveiled - some people call them ‘visions’, but to me they’re much more than just visual images, the experiences were so vivid that I could see, sense and feel each moment in every cell of my being. 


In my visions, we live in a crystalline new world...Everything is incredibly pure and light. We’re so connected to crystals and our Crystalline Earth, crystals are in every fabric of our life - on us, in our homes, our environment. Their light & frequencies constantly sustain us and our high-frequency homes. There is no separation, we are ‘crystalline’, and ONE with them.


Crystalline Living was created with those visions at heart.

Crystalline Living and I aspire to support the co-creation of a beautiful Crystalline Earth that once existed on our planet, to support the return of the Goddess. For you to re-connect to a state of Oneness with the Universe, and to feel the Love, Joy & Lightness on Earth.



Sacred Crystal Jewellery, Divinely Inspired...

Through my conscious connection to the higher realms of existence, I channel through divine presences & blessings in my jewellery creations. These divine presences such as Goddesses, Deities, nature spirit, Angels, have blessed the jewellery with their Light, energies and wisdom.


As a result, these jewellery creations are unique and sacred in nature, beaming with vibrant Light, beauty and purity. In essence, they are precious gifts to you from Spirit. 


When you wear these sacred creations, they activate the Light within you, allowing your inner radiance, divine beauty and soul gifts to shine through. 


When you see a beautiful divine piece and it makes your heart sing, that really is my biggest joy.

Ethically sourced & Fair-trade Crystals, Silver and Gold

Relentless attention-to-details and dedication go into every step of the creation. I ensure all the 'ingredients' and processes going into these creations are at their highest vibrations possible. For that purpose, I handpick the best quality high-frequency crystals from ethical sources, and only use silver and gold originating from fair-trade source.

Energetic Activation and Blessings

Hand-crafted with an abundance of Love & Light, each piece of our jewellery creations goes through a spiritual ritual to be blessed by the Goddess and the divine realms. An energetic cleansing and activation is performed to bring through the creations' high frequencies and therapeutic properties. Plentiful moonlight and elemental vibe are also soaked in before these creations are ready to meet you, beautiful souls.


So what you see & receive from me are Sacred Jewellery going beyond mere aesthetics. Divinely inspired and blessed, they are creations that activate in you an energetic attunement to the higher realms of existence, re-igniting the divine Light and crystalline Goddess essence within you.


It will be my biggest joy when you receive the creations this way.