Make a Deeper Connection
to Your Crystal

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This recording is designed to support you in making a special, personal connection with your crystal and jewellery piece. By deepening this relationship, your crystal and her essence can support you more fully with her healing and crystalline vibrations! 


This enchanted healing meditation allows you to be taken on a journey into the magical Crystal Kingdom. Activate your heart-felt connection to your beloved Crystal.


This meditation will help you to:


  • be cocooned by the healing Light of the Earth’s Master Crystal;

  • shift your vibration to a more crystalline state, to feel lighter, pure & clear;

  • activate your connection to your Crystal & the Crystal Fairy or Goddess, for the crystal to work more powerfully on you.

  • enjoy a therapeutic meditation that uplifts your vibration, soothes your heart, and calms your mind.


Stand-alone, this is a beautiful healing meditation you can enjoy for a powerful infusion of crystalline Light whenever you feel drawn to listen.




Using this meditation to connect to other Crystals


You may ask, “Can I use this meditation to connect with other crystals?”


Absolutely! You’re more than welcome to do that! 


However, I’d love to let you know this - the crystal jewellery you purchased from me has gone through a sacred ritual to be cleansed, activated and infused with healing frequencies.


Therefore, you may find that your experience using this meditation with other crystals may be different, as they have not been through the same unique activation process as Crystalline Living jewellery. 

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Lily is a Crystal Channeller, Jewellery Artist & Healing Practitioner.


Her spiritual awakening has brought about a profound re-connection with the Higher Light realms, especially the Crystal Kingdom. She was given visions of a Crystalline Earth and the beautiful ‘pure’ & ‘light’ state we are in.


From these visions, Crystalline Living was born. Its mission is to assist the awakening of your crystalline essence within, and for your return to a way of living where crystals & their profound healing power are embedded in your life. With that in heart, Lily creates healing crystal jewellery, artwork & sacred living products that uplift, brighten and empower you. 


Ultimately, Lily & Crystalline Living aspire to support the co-creation of a beautiful Crystalline Earth that once existed on our planet, to support the return of the Goddess. For us to re-connect to a state of Oneness with the Universe, and to feel the Love, Joy & Lightness on Earth.


Crystalline Living:

‘Crystalline’ - of crystals      |   ‘Living’ - a state of being, a way of living.