Based on my original sculpture MADONNA ON THE ROCK. This sacred figurine will help bring through the beautiful frequency of Mother Mary. It will be a great complement to your sacred altar & healing space.

When this sculpture was coming through, Mother Mary's beautiful frequency of Purity and Feminine Goddess was strongly felt. She reminded me how her presence helps comfort the emotions & nurture hearts for those who seek her energetic support. Her nurturing presence through this sculpture will greatly support adults and children alike, allowing healing of the heart. Through her own spiritual journey on Earth , she taught humanity the embodiment of the Goddess & Feminine Principle, especially around surrendering & the purification rituals.

As an Ascended Master, she continues to come through and guide Light workers & spiritual healers who are channels of her Light and teaching. It was with much love & honour that this figurine was created.

Available early 2017
made to order

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